Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to be a healthy student.

There is so much going on at University, particularly in the first half of the winter semester. Study combined with socials,societies and maybe part time work too can leave you physically and mentally exhausted. Here is the simplest prescription to maintain your mental and physical well-being, make time each day to be active, relax and rest.
What constitutes activity, relaxation and rest will look different to all of us but here are a few ideas. If you need to mark these activities in your diary or timetable so you carve out time to look after yourself.

 Be active.....

 Try one of our Active Residences group fitness sessions from Yoga to Boot Camp there is  something to suit your fitness level and exercise preferences.
 Being active does not have to mean designated  'exercise' activity, try to move more during your day. You could  build walking cycling or running into your route to and from uni. Take regular movement breaks, stretching and shaking out your muscles. A simple way to add extra movement to your day is to stand as often as possible and sit on the floor where you can. Why? Standing used more of your muscles than sitting and maintains key postural muscles, sitting on the floor is not as comfortable causing you to fidget more, plus you have to perform a squat or lunge type movement every time you get up and down!


Relaxation is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Think what activities you enjoy help you relax, from cooking, yoga, to watching a film or walking in the fresh air. Remember that relaxation does not have to be another thing on your to do list, we can relax anytime anywhere. Try leaving your phone in your pocket next time you have a spare moment or two and focus on relaxing your shoulders, taking a few deeps breaths and observing what is going on around you.    

 Rest ....

 Make sure you get adequate sleep and try to listen to your body. If you feel mentally or  physical tired build in extra rest time where you can. A quick nap can recharge your  batteries or maybe just stopping off for a cup of tea and rest between activities. When it come to exercise do not forget that the rest between sessions is as important as the workouts you do- more is not always better for you. 

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